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Crystal Creek

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“The Southeast is the stroke and hypertension belt of the United States,” Love was saying. “That is blamed on sodium, including sodium in the water. We’re not far behind. Perhaps we can overtake them.” By the Gros Ventre River near Crystal Creek, some years ago, Love noticed horses eating the Cloverly formation-putting their noses right on the outcrop and slurping up nodules of zakelijke energie vergelijken soft Cretaceous lime. He could guess where the horses had come from. They were from Cora, near Pinedale, at the western base of the Wind River Mountains. When the Wind Rivers came rising up during the Laramide Revolution and moved a few miles west, they completely covered the only limestone in the region. As a result, he said, it is not unusual for a college freshman who has grown up in Pinedale to require false teeth. Pinedale has one of the two or three highest records of dental decay in Wyoming. Pinedale is to caries as Savannah is to coronary thrombosis, in each case for a geological reason. He said that somewhere in limbo on the industrial drawing board was a geothermal project that would mine the hot groundwaters of the Island Park Caldera, southwest of Yellowstone. The question uppermost in many people’s minds seemed to be: What would happen to Old Faithful and other Yellowstone geysers? In New Zealand, when the government tapped the fifth-largest geyser field in the world for geothermal energy the Karapiti Blowhole shut down as promptly as if a hand had turned a valve. A geyser field in Nevada once rivalled Yellowstone’s-until 1961, when geothermal well drilling killed the Nevada geysers. Old Faithful was having trouble enough without help from the hand of man. For a century, and who zakelijke energie knows how much longer, Old Faithful had erupted at intervals averaging seventy minutes, but in 1959 the earthquake at Hebgen Lake, nearby in Montana, slowed the geyser down. Additional earthquakes in 1975 and 1983 caused Old Faithful to become so erratic that visitors complained.