American whites

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American whites in eastern cities formed societies in his name, and called him St. Tammany, the nation’s patron saint. Penn’s fondness for tl1e Lenape was the product of his admiration. Getting along with the Lenape was not difficult. They were accommodating, intelligent, and peaceful. The Indians revered Penn as well. He kept his promises, paid his way, and was fair. Under the elms of Shakamaxon, the pledge was made that Pennsylvania and the Lenape would be friends “as long as the sun will shine and the rivers flow with water.” Penn outlined his needs for land. It was agreed that he should have some country west of the co-working space rotterdam Lenape River. The tracts were to be defined by the distance a man could walk in a prescribed time-typically one day, or twoat an easygoing pace, stopping for lunch, for the odd smoke, as was the Lenape manner. In camaraderie, the Penn party and the Indians gave it up somewhere in Bucks County. Penn went home to England. He died in i718. About fifteen years later, Penn’s son Thomas, a businessman who had a lawyer’s grasp of grasping, appeared from England with a copy of a deed he said his father had transacted, exten4ing his lands to the no1th by a day and a halfs walk. He made it known to a new generation of Lenape, who had never heard of it, and demanded that they acquiesce in the completion of-as it came to be called-the Walking Purchase. With his brothers, John and Richard, he advertised for participants. He offered five hundred acres of land for the fleetest feet in Pennsylvania. In effect, he hired three marathon runners. When the day came-September ig, i737-the Lenape complained. They could not keep up. But they¬†co-working space amsterdam followed. Their forebears had made a bargain. The white men “walked” sixtyfive miles, well into the Poconos. Even so blatant an affront might in time have been accepted by the compliant tribe. But now the brothers made an explosive mistake. Their new terrain logically required a northern boundary.

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