Medicine Bow

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We left I -80 there and bucked tl1e southwest wind, crossing the surprisingly flat mountain-crest terrain on a pair of ruts in the pink granite, which had crystals the size of silver dollars. The view from that high wide surface took in a large piece of the front of the Rockies, with the Never Summer Mountains standing out clearly in Colorado, to the south, and, to the west, the bright peaks of the Snowy Range. The Snowy Range-rising white above a dark high forestappeared to be on top of the Medicine Bow Mountains. Remarkable as it seemed, that was the case. At the ten-thousand-foot level, the bottom of the Snowy Range rests on the broad flat zakelijke energie top of the Medicine Bows like a sloop on water, its sails flying upward anotl1er two thousand feet. In the Miocene, the high flat Medicine Bow surface at the base of the Snowy Range was the leve .l of maximum fill. In the fifty miles between the Snowy Range and our position on top of the Laramie Range lay the gulf of the excavated Laramie Plains. Our line of sight to the tree line of the Medicine Bows had been landscape in the Miocene. From twelve thousand feet it had gently sloped to about nine thousand where we were, and as we turned and faced east and gazed on down that mostly vanished plane we could all but see the Miocene surface continuing-as Love expressed it-“on out to East G-string.” Everywhere in the central Rockies, that highest level of basin fill touched the eminent ranges at altitudes that are now between ten and twelve thousand feet with results that are as beautiful as they are anomalous in the morphology of the zakelijke energie vergelijken world’s mountains. In the Beartooths, for example, you can ascend a glacial valley thatin its U shape and high cirques-closely resembles any hanging valley in the Pennine Alps; but after you climb from ten to eleven to twelve thousand feet you do not find a Weisshorn fingering the sky. Instead, you move into an unexpectable physiographic setting, which, after steep slopes above a dry Wyoming basin, is lush and paradisal to the point of detachment from the world. Alpine meadows with meandering brooks are spread across a rolling but essentially horizontal scene, in part forested, in part punctuated with discrete stands of conifers and small cool lakes.

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